Friday, October 23, 2009

BJS008: Sick of...

I wasn't going to record today, but this project I'm working on is stalling. Also, I'm sick with an ear infection, and I'm frankly sick of... well, everything, really! So I'm working from my bed, and talking to you about all of the problems with my project for TK Music, Tom Walker, Alan Scott & AMS Video, problems with my last show, my TB test, missing the Industrial Jazz Group and Tom Walker gigs because I'm sick, my sister & nieces and nephews have swine flu, taking the boy to see "Where the Wild Things Are," my short film "The Last Days of Frank Whyte" screening on Nov. 28 1:30 pm at Central Library One Old Bridge Plaza Municipal Center Old Bridge, NJ, "Weird Al" Yankovic's 50th birthday, Soupy Sales Dead, lost deposit slip, no hats at the bank, my Jersey Devil theory, Devil Hunters on SyFy, calling eyewitnesses, Windows 7 Whopper, plugging podcasts. Concludes with Friday's Child's "Everything She Said (Black Cat/White Cat)" © 2005 Thomas V. Walker/Can't See the Honeybee Music, Used With Permission.

TK Music:
Dragon Rider Productions:
AMS Video:
"Weird Al" Yankovic:
Devil Hunters:
Windows 7 Whopper:
Live video - Friday's Child "Everything She Said (Black Cat/White Cat):

Listen here:

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I'm getting very tired of seeing this over and over for the past 3 days.

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