Saturday, October 3, 2009

BJS003: Mercury Retrograde Won't Leave Me Alone

My third and potentially last show, and I'll tell you WHY it may be my last... all while walking two miles in Nyack, New York to the beginning of a parade with the Tappan Zee Bridgemen. Topics covered: Explaining Mercury Retrograde, people asking me questions, problems uploading Episode 2, my bluetooth, my car, DCT Comedy project tapes not digitizing, TK Music Rock Academy, Uploading photos to Facebook, my busted GPS fixed, the "Weird Al" ringer, Jimmy Sheridan, Manny the Mailman, Carrie Engdahl, Dawn Peat McNamara, Rampler on WFMU is no more, Tom Walker. Concludes with Friday's Child's "Pay Day Ray" © 1998 Thomas V. Walker/Can't See the Honeybee Music, Used With Permission.


Listen here:

Related Photos:

I actually forgot to take pics. This was from another gig at another time.
This is the same bass drum, only it has black heads on it now.

Me and Jimmy Sheridan, before his accident, some other gig.


  1. Brian, how do I get to Main Street from here?

  2. I think you go to Pico, take that to Colorado, Colorado to Las Palmas...

    Oh, no, I'm sorry. That's how you get to Llama School.