Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Brian Jude Show: NON-SUG Bundle #2 (Oct. – Nov. 2009)

More episodes of The Brian Jude Show that were previously unreleased on The Overnightscape Underground are now in the NON-SUG Bundle #2 at

This was right before I discovered “The Secret” – see how negative I was at first?

This volume includes:

- BJS008: Sick of… (Originally released 10/23/09)
- BJS009: Horray* for Sleepy Hollow (Originally released 10/25/09)
- BJS010: Alternate (Originally released 11/3/09)
- BJS011: Reunited (Originally released 11/8/09)
- BJS012: He Left Home Without It (Originally released 11/12/09)
- BJS014: A Short Time Ago In A Concert Very, Very Close (Originally released 11/20/09)

Check it out!

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