Monday, September 27, 2010

BJS ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! NON-SUG Bundle #1 on The Overnightscape Underground!

It’s the first anniversary of The Brian Jude Show today! To celebrate, I am releasing the first in a series of episodes that were previously unreleased over on The Overnightscape Underground channel, packaged together into “NON-SUG Bundles!”

Check out NON-SUG Bundle #1 at - More to come!

This first volume includes:

- BJS002: What About the Boy? (Originally released 9/30/09)
- BJS003: Mercury Retrograde Won’t Leave Me Alone (Originally released 10/3/09)
- BJS005: The Search for BJS004 (Originally released 10/8/09)
- BJS006: Lunchtime and The Jersey Devil (Originally released 10/15/09)
- BJS007: Shopping Wild (Originally released 10/19/09)

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