Sunday, July 11, 2010

BJS034: Gorram Shiny Shepherd's Pie Dumplings

Coming to you from Merrick, Long Island! This is the 8th & 9th parade gigs I've had since last Sunday. I talk about July 4, shows on The Overnight Underground channel, I won't be working in the mall for the Samsung 3D TV kiosk - instead I will be working on the feature film "Payin' The Price" for the first two weeks of August, The Backyardigans, my screenplay "The Miracle Man," the heat wave, no rain, brown grass, Big Kev's Geek Stuff with Big Kev & Matt "O.G.," Opie & Anthony, "Firefly" & "Serenity," Shepherd's Pie Dumplings, Sean Ng-Ying - The President Obama Impersonator, Bedlam Steal, gratitude for what you have, my reply to Frank Nora's review of "Toy Story 3," P.Q. Ribber's posting of Jean Shepherd's July 4th story, gratitude for what you don't have, YouTube Vuvuzela.

Tappan Zee Bridgemen:
Payin' the Price:
The Backyardigans (Wikipedia):
Big Kev's Geek Stuff:
Firefly (IMDb):
Serenity (IMDb):
The President Obama Impersonator:
Toy Story 3 (IMDb):
P.Q. Ribber's shows - Conspiracy of the Insignificant & Old News:

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Sean Ng-Ying - The President Obama Impersonator.

My attempt at dumplings...

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