Thursday, March 25, 2010

BSJ028: Van Houten II

Once again I walk home via Van Houten Avenue in Clifton, NJ. Here I give a detailed account of all the local businesses on this road in the Athenia section of Clifton, New Jersey. Topics discussed include an update on "The Miracle Man" film I am working on about Morris Goodman, Edible Arrangements, Mario's Pizzeria, Carvel, Van Houten Pharmacy, Dingo's Den & Dingbatz, PSE&G, Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center," Digital Cafe Tour, Carrie Engdahl, Van Houten Lanes, Dunkin Donuts, Food Basics, and I plug all of my friends' shows too.

City Data: Athenia, Clifton, NJ:
Morris Goodman - "The Miracle Man":
Edible Arrangements:
Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" (IMDb):
Digital Cafe Tour:
DCT Concerts: Carrie Engdahl "CATCH ME":
Food Basics:
The Naming of Athenia (Passaic County Historical Society, Lambert Castle):

Related Photos:

Van Houten Pharmacy, as seen in Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center."

The PSE&G Sub-Station. Same building design as the (former) Luna Stage in Montclair, NJ, the original home of


  1. what does that compounding store do? we should find out.

  2. Good point! I should look into it... ;^)