Thursday, January 14, 2010

BJS022: Vibrations

Remember when I forgot my mic when I took the Newark Light Rail a few months ago? I remembered it this time! The Law of Attraction is working for me! I decided to write a biopic screenplay of a well-known motivational speaker. After four weeks without response, he finally called and gave me his blessing! I share Karen Bishop's thoughts on how the world is vibrating at a higher level, and discuss time loops, The International Center for Reiki Training's World Peace Card Meditation, the earthquake in Haiti, Cindi Merklee, The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. And don't forget about the first Brian Jude Show Contest - Why Is My Plant Named Philo?

Eternal Enlightenment Yahoo Group:

Karen Bishop:
Wings - 1/8 - Creating the New Reality...Completing Step One:
Mercury Retrograde:
World Peace Card Meditation:
American Cancer Society's Relay for Life (my donation page):
Cindi Merklee:

Listen here:

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The World Peace Crystal Grid at the South Pole.

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