Saturday, November 28, 2009

BJS016: Q&A at the Old Bridge Filmmakers Showcase

Three local New Jersey filmmakers participate in a Q&A session at the first installment of the Old Bridge Filmmakers Showcase at the Old Bridge Public Library. Hosted by Matt Helme, the filmmakers discuss their short films presented earlier in the afternoon. Marla Cukor discusses "The Masquerade" (directed by Natalia Garcia), a mystery thriller which she wrote, and which stars Christopher Masterson of TV's "Malcolm in the Middle." Jamal Hall talks about his short film "Strivin'," a stylistic story about an inner city kid who dreams of becoming a dancer while coping with an abusive father. I ramble on about "The Last Days of Frank Whyte," which I co-wrote, directed and produced with the film's star Franklin Correa, and which tells the tale of a drug dealer's downward spiral of life. (If you haven't already, check out BJS016a - my first video episode which contains my film in its entirety.)

Listen here:

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Related photos:

Jamal Hall, Brian Jude & Marla Cukor
Photo by Steve Womack

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